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a planting medium. The roots were exposed to the sun is

When the roots sticking up, cover it with a planting medium. The roots were exposed to the sun is green and can not be eaten.

5. Carrots can be susceptible to mold if they are too wet. Spray with sulfur or
Taruhan Bola Online antifungal solution if there are visible fungal attack.

6 Attention and care of your carrots carefully. After two or two and a half months - depends on the variety - you can harvest the carrots, the earlier the taste of the sweet carrots.
  other plants with different types of families. Chemical spraying is applied nematicides.
How to harvest carrots cultivation

Farm cultivation of carrots can be taken count results after 3 months since the seed is planted. Harvesting time should be properly addressed. If the age of the plant is too old tuber texture becomes hard and tasted bad.

The way to harvest is done with revoked. Then wash or clean the dirt ground attached to the bulb with clean water. Dipangkal stem tuber can be cut or left. Depending on the target market wants.

Cultivating carrots are done well can produce 20-30 tons per hectare. Depending on the types and varieties of carrots were planted.

Due to the growth of carrot plants require cold and humid weather, although the carrots can be planted throughout the year, but should be planted in the upland areas. Temperature needed for growth and tuber production can be optimized between 15,6o-21,1o C. If the temperature is too high (heat) produced tubers are often small (abnormal) and the color is pale / dull. Conversely, if the air temperature is too low (very cool), tubers produced into a small shape and length.

Carrot plants will grow well in soil that is loose, fertile, contains a lot of organic matter (humus), and embrace the air and water system that runs well (not pooled). This type of soil is soil andosol which are generally found in upland areas. Soil acidity required for carrot plants ranged between 5.5-6.5. If the soil pH is less than 5.0, then the carrot plant can not form bulbs.
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In addition to considering natural factors as mentioned above, whether to grow carrots properly, should pay attention to how to plant carrots correct as below:
1 Breeding
Good seed is the beginning of the process to obtain maximum results. To obtain a good seed, the seedlings should come from plants that grow fast and strong, seed varieties must be of the short-lived, have a high power production, and uniform shape. Good seeds can be purchased at farm supply stores. However, farmers generally make their own hatchery with the following stages:

a. Choose plants that grow carrots fertile and healthy and about 3 months old. Unplug the carrots and note the tuber. If the bulb is shaped normally (not disabled), yellow / orange, and has a smooth and shiny skin, then the bulb is eligible to be used as the parent tree.
b. Crop stalks and leaves attached to the bulb and leaving +/- 10 cm. Cut the bulb end about a third part.
c. Prepare the carrots by making land nursery beds-beds which is perfectly rendered, including optimal given manure. Make the planting hole with a spacing of 40-60 cm x 40-60 cm

d. Plant the bulbs in the hole and condense slowly to land on the neck of the stem. Along the row of plants bulbs, make shallow furrows as far as ± 5 cm from the stem.
e. Give artificial fertilizer mixture of ZA + SP + KCl (1: 2: 2) as much as 10 grams for each crop, the fertilizer and cover with a thin soil.
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