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In Sweden , pollen extracts or concentrates obtained from the two types of extracts

In Sweden , pollen extracts or concentrates obtained from the two types of extracts , namely ( 1 ) cernitin hydrosoluble ( T60 ) , and ( 2 ) cernitin lipoidsoluble ( GBX1 ) . There are 60 mg . of cernitin T60 and 3 mg . of cernitin GBX1 in " Cernilton " , which is unsurpassed in preventing and reducing the common viral infections and related infectious conditions ( due to its interferon activity ) . Pollen extract can penetrate the cell wall , so that is directly absorbed into the cells . This allows them to directly stimulate the production of interferon , thereby increasing resistance to virus attacks normal ( such as influenza and other viral infections ) . Ususally only effective vaccine against the virus of a particular virus , however , is usually given protection against most types of virus when cells are stimulated to produce interferon . Bee pollen also resulted in a significant increase in both leukocytes and epitrocytes . Natural an Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia

tibiotic found in pollen ( which penicillin is only a prototype ) will prevent the growth of certain microorganisms .

Additional medical properties found in pollen include : ( 1 ) bacteriostatic ( growth arrest harmful pathogenic bacteria ) , ( 2 ) cytophylactic and cytotoxic ( cellular defense against infection and toxins ) , and ( 3 ) anti - anorexia ( appetite stimulating increased , but only to those who lack it ) .

Pollen is very successful in relieving symptoms of vegetative dystonia accompanied by symptoms thyrogenous dominance .
Bee pollen also show an effect similar to that of amphetamine in a drug that acts as a " psycho - tonic ." However , not every manifest depression side effects .

Pollen allows significantly increased number of oxygen reaching the brain and cells in general , resulting in an increase in overall health and mental abilities .

Pollen will also accelerate tissue repair increased throughout the whole organism , thus making it very effective in removing scar tissue after surgery .

Bee pollen showing amphoteric ( regulatory ) properties to restore balance and harmony to all body functions .

Pollen will reduce excess body weight during conditions involving obese or overweight , while increasing the weight for underweight condition .

Bee pollen is very effective in small doses , and the overall effect is usually quite long .

When used either alone or in combination with other therapies , pollen has been very successful for the following diseases or disease - conditions :

acne InfartusAgeing ( premature ) InfectionAlcoholism infections , intestinal Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia anemia InsomniaUnstable anginaIntestinal disorders AnorexiaAnxietyleukemia intestine , inflammationAppetite, loss of Jaundicearteriosclerosis Kwashiorkorasthma LeukemiaAtherosclerosis Liver DisordersLongevity Brain Infectionbronchitis MeaslesBuerger's Disease Memory LossBurns and scalds MenopauseCancer Mental RetardationCapillary fragility Migraine HeadacheCardiovascular Dis . Slime , BloodyCavity Multiple SclerosisCerebral Hemorrhage Nerve DisordersClimacteric disorders NeurastheniaColitis Parkinson's DiseaseHealing Premature / malnutritionConstipation , chronic Protatitis , chronicWeakness , General Psycho - neuralgic disordersdepression Madnessdiabetes pyelonephritisDiarrhea , chronic Pyurea ( Pus in the Urine )Diverticulosis , Sigma - Rheumatism , ArticularDysuria Rheumatoid ArthritisInflammatory bowel disease RicketsEnterorenal Disorder Sexual DisordersEnuresis SinusitisFatigue ( in the eye ) Stress , ImpactFever , disconnected Dental Growth , DisturbanceTuberculosis flatulenceGangrenous sores Ulcers ( Digestive / peptic )Growth ( stunted ) Urinary DisordersWeakness Hair Loss , BodyWeight Loss HayfeverHeadache , Chronic Weight LossThe inability of Withdrawal Symptoms

Bee pollen is also very helpful physiological functions follows:
accelerate the growth of new cells are healthyencourage increased tissue repairincrease the elimination of toxins largerreduce excessive cholesterol levelswill increase low blood pressure JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIAreduce high blood pressureencourage increased resistance to infectionactivate the glands of internal secretionstimulates increased secretion of gastric flowstabilize the entire nervous systemimprove fertility in womeninhibit the growth of tumor is benign or malignanteliminating excessive calcium depositsexpel excessive accumulation of uric acidShorter recovery time periodrestore normal appetite and healthyencourage the growth of skin tissueagainst skin wrinklesregulate all biological functions systemicincreased calmness and relaxationinhibit the effects of normal agingpromote the enhancement of concentration / memoryinhibit premature senilityprolong youthfulnessincrease sexual activitypromote increased strength , vigor and vitalityprovide increase stamina , endurance and energy levelspromote a more optimistic view on lifeprovide an overall feeling of well-being

Bees normally secrete substances from their stomachs to allow individual pollen grains to stick together and eventually form a pellet that will adhere to their rear legs ( " pollen basket " ) . This will alter the secretion of various pollen becomes active products containing various forms of diastase .
Pollen intricately designed so that they become almost immune to decay under certain anaerobic conditions . Pollen must be completely dehydrated to prevent spoilage . Dry air will eventually shriveled pollen , and nutritional value will decrease with age . However , " bee bread " pollen fresh pollen is similar both in appearance and food value even after 1 or 2 years .
Pollen / honey cake batter can be made ​​with six or seven layers of pollen and honey together , and then spread out to dry completely . It is then sliced ​​into strips ( about 5 inches long ) and allowed to dry for 3 to 4 days , and then stored for future use as a survival food during famine , crop failure or drought .
By combining pollen with honey , pollen becomes unable to damage or decay while being immersed in honey . Bacteria can not grow in a medium honey , due to its hygroscopic ( anti - moisture ) properties . By storing pollen and honey combination of bottom of the pyramid structure , both pollen and honey will remain pure and intact for many years through a process known as mummification .
It is possible to emulate the methods Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia   of bee pollen store by creating artificial form " bee bread " . This is done by dissolving 15 pounds of honey to 25 pounds of water , which is brought to a boil and then immediately didinginkan.Tambahkan 100 pounds of dry air pollen for this solution . The resulting mixture is mixed and kneaded by hand or with a suitable blender , and then placed in a crock jar where it was lightly tamped . The contents of the disk is covered with wood to support the weight of stone . After standing at a temperature of 96-97 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 to 6 days , and heavy wood dihapus.Tempayan disk is then sealed with a liquid mixture of one part beeswax and paraffin section three . The jar is then stored in a cool and dry .
The maximum amount that can be collected pollen from a single honeycomb is about 200 grams ( one gram comprises 125 pellets ) . Placing the bottle five pounds of honey in the hive , the amount of pollen that can be harvested almost to double . This five- pound container allows the bees to have a constant supply of honey available to supply the needs of their colonies , thus allowing them to devote more time and energy in searching for pollen .

Bees not only will avoid poisonous plants ( including those that are sprayed with harmful pesticides ) , but they are also looking for those plants JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA that contain the highest nutritional value .
It is impossible to eliminate pollen too much of the ecological system . Harvested pollen is more likely to produce even more , so this is one of th

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