Thursday, April 24, 2014

Way Before Planting seedlings planted seedlings

. Way Before Planting seedlings planted seedlings suggested that soaked first with HCS SOT biological fertilizer mixed with water for 3-4 hours. After that is done planting in soil, it is very good for the growth of the seedlings.

3. Way of planting done by sharpening the lower end
Taruhan Bola Online of Cassava cuttings, then plant as deep as 5-10 cm or less than 1/3 part of cuttings buried in the ground. When the land is hard / heavy and watery / moist, cuttings planted alone.


- Stitching.
To seed the dead / abnormal immediately do the stitching by pulling and replacing or embroidered. Stitching is done in the morning or late afternoon, when the weather is not too hot.

- Weeding
Weeding aims to dispose of all types of grass / weeds / living weeds around the plant. In one season, a minimum of 2 times dilakuakan weeding.
Critical period or periods the plants must be free of weeds is between 5-10 weeks of DAP (Days After Planting). When plants peengganggu uncontrolled during the critical period, productivity can drop to 75% when compared with the condition without interference weeds / bullies.

- Pembubunan.
How pembubunan done with loose soil around the plants and thereafter made such mounds.
Pembubunan time along with weeding, it can save costs. When eroded soil around the tree because of rain or because of another, it is necessary to re-accumulation.

- Perempelan / Trimming.
Perempelan / Pruning shoots his deep need to be done at least every tree must have 2 or 3 branches, tree trunks so that it can be used as seed again next planting season.

Fertilization should be done with Manure that has been processed first by PATTERN HCS. If the manure comes from animals that have not been using SOC HCS, it needs as much as 2 tons per hectare. However, if the dirt comes from cattle that have been using SOC HCS, then the requirement is only 8 quintals per hectare.
As for how fertilization is as follows:

- Sprinkle Bokashi on every hole 3 days before planting
Agen Judi Bolain the evening or early morning.
- Spray with SOT HCS 1 day on each hole before planting in the evening or early morning (8 SOT HCS bottle caps mixed with 14 liters of water and 3 tablespoons sugar and let stand for 15 minutes in

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