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How to Take Care Creeper Plant / Radiation:

watering it with water on a regular basis

Vines watered with regular water will be able to maintain the freshness and moisture in the area around the vines, so this plant can grow well.

2 Crop occasional

If your vines have grown too dense to cover the whole section perambatnya media, then you should immediately do the trimming. Perambat plant will usually grow very quickly in damp and wet areas where water is abundant intensity. Therefore, always pay attention to the growth of these vines and not to cover the growth seleuruh part of your yard and beat the existence of other plants.

3 Avoid these vines from pets, children, and other disorders

When this new vines planted finished, then of course the root has not been too strong. The roots are still weak when it will be easily uprooted crops destroyed. Therefore, avoid these vines of possibilities damaged by pets or your baby.

Good luck:) Bengkoang a horticulture class tubers. In addition to the food, yam used for raw material medicine and beauty treatments.

Tips for successful cultivation of organic yam

Yam or yam (Pachyrhizus erosus L) is a creeping plant. This plant can be up to 5-6 meters in length with a spreading habit and twisted. Yam tuber is taken
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There are two varieties of yam are cultivated in Indonesia, namely verietas early maturing and Badoer. Harvesting early maturing varieties have a faster ie 4-5 months of age while Badoer varieties harvest between 7 to 11 months. At the time of this review, we will discuss the early maturing varieties.

Suitable yam cultivation is done in lowland until height of 1500 meters above sea level. But the ideal height is 200-800 meters above sea level with rainfall of about 700-1000 mm per year. The ideal temperature for growth ranges from 25 to 28oC. Yam can grow well in sandy loam soil with high nutrient content and acidity in the range of pH 4.5 to 8.
Preparation of seed yam

Seed yam can be obtained in two ways, first select from existing plants. How to select some plants that look healthy, then let the plants grow flowering to remove the pods. While other plants remain dipangkasi interest, because the plants do not flower trimmed bengkoang that will not produce tubers.

Pods that grow to old, after the pods are ready for harvest as seed. If the seeds are saved, you should not open pod skin. If opened from the skin should be kept dry and tightly
Pulau Tidung closed. With good storage of seeds usually last up to 1 year.

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