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But to maintain or take care of the fish ,

But to maintain or take care of the fish , we should know in advance the character of the fish , so that we maintain or take care of her armpits iakan chef will develop well and shows its beauty .

How to care for goldfishThe main requirement that goldfish can live : the
SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA first temperature , for Indonesia, including in tropical areas ( two seasons ) , the fish cooks should get the temperature can range from 23-29 ° C. The second light , cooks need a high enough sun exposure 4-6 hours a day .
Because the beam will make the color appear more scales . Then the third oxygen , oxygen -dependent ambient temperature , size , and fish activity . Can we have a source of oxygen to the aerator . Photosynthesis of aquatic plants , or the diffusion of oxygen as in sisitem jetted tub .

How to cope with goldfish diseases

White spot disease
The disease often attacks the fish cooks , one of the drugs to treat it like Furanance menggunakkan antibiotics or medications containing copper sulphate .

Swimming upside down
This is due to the organs in the body is ill , can cause bacterial infection , heredity ( genetics ) , not feeding properly , or the water quality is not good .

Stress new home
While fish cooks are known to be friendly , but one day it could also sigendut hunger strike , it could have been caused due to tempt new , or replaced the tank runs out of water , and this may lead to stress on the iakn .
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Source: Magazine AQUATICA

Good water temperature ranges from 20-25 ° C.
Water acidity ( pH ) is a good 7-8 JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA The characteristics of carp as follows :

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Way Before Planting seedlings planted seedlings

. Way Before Planting seedlings planted seedlings suggested that soaked first with HCS SOT biological fertilizer mixed with water for 3-4 hours. After that is done planting in soil, it is very good for the growth of the seedlings.

3. Way of planting done by sharpening the lower end
Taruhan Bola Online of Cassava cuttings, then plant as deep as 5-10 cm or less than 1/3 part of cuttings buried in the ground. When the land is hard / heavy and watery / moist, cuttings planted alone.


- Stitching.
To seed the dead / abnormal immediately do the stitching by pulling and replacing or embroidered. Stitching is done in the morning or late afternoon, when the weather is not too hot.

- Weeding
Weeding aims to dispose of all types of grass / weeds / living weeds around the plant. In one season, a minimum of 2 times dilakuakan weeding.
Critical period or periods the plants must be free of weeds is between 5-10 weeks of DAP (Days After Planting). When plants peengganggu uncontrolled during the critical period, productivity can drop to 75% when compared with the condition without interference weeds / bullies.

- Pembubunan.
How pembubunan done with loose soil around the plants and thereafter made such mounds.
Pembubunan time along with weeding, it can save costs. When eroded soil around the tree because of rain or because of another, it is necessary to re-accumulation.

- Perempelan / Trimming.
Perempelan / Pruning shoots his deep need to be done at least every tree must have 2 or 3 branches, tree trunks so that it can be used as seed again next planting season.

Fertilization should be done with Manure that has been processed first by PATTERN HCS. If the manure comes from animals that have not been using SOC HCS, it needs as much as 2 tons per hectare. However, if the dirt comes from cattle that have been using SOC HCS, then the requirement is only 8 quintals per hectare.
As for how fertilization is as follows:

- Sprinkle Bokashi on every hole 3 days before planting
Agen Judi Bolain the evening or early morning.
- Spray with SOT HCS 1 day on each hole before planting in the evening or early morning (8 SOT HCS bottle caps mixed with 14 liters of water and 3 tablespoons sugar and let stand for 15 minutes in

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Mengguanakan for human brain

Mengguanakan for human brain to improve the mastery of all that affects the growth of plants and animals . Agriculture is an efficient business , agricultural problems faced scientifically through research , irrigation facilities and drainage constructed and used to obtain maximum results , plant breeding is done to obtain high yielding improved varieties , response to fertilization , hold to pests and diseases and cook faster .
How to grow hydroponic vegetables are actually Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia  the same principle by planting vegetables with soil media . The most fundamental difference is that if the vegetables are grown using hydroponic techniques that do not require soil as cropping media . Using hydroponic nutrient solution or fertilizer as a source of plant nutrients nutritional needs unsur2 both micro and macro .
To grow vegetables especially leafy vegetables will be much easier . Many media can be used to grow hydroponic leafy vegetables . You just need to set up the necessary equipment for hydroponic grow hydroponic vegetables . To grow plants hydroponically stage yesterday 've ever written so please read read first .
For vegetables typically use floating raft system , wick or NFT , you can choose a hydroponic system you want . Of course tailored to your budget in berhidroponik . :)
In this article I will discuss just about wick system / axis only, for other hydroponic system will be discussed in subsequent writings , hehe

edia Processing Plant

Preparation and Clearing Land clearing for cultivation by plowing and clearing of all kinds of weeds (plants) and roots before planting, as well as to ease the growing plant roots and eliminating host plants for pests and diseases. INTRODUCTION The quail is a bird that can not fly, a relatively small body size, short legs and can be pitted. Quail called also Gemak (Bhs.Jawa-Indonesia). Foreign language called "Quail", is the nation birds (wild) that was first bred in the United States in 1870. And further developed throughout the world. While in Indonesia quail began to be known and bred since the end of 1979. Now beginning to emerge in cages cattle in Indonesia.
B. LIVESTOCK CENTER Sentra Ranch quail are common in Sumatra, West Java, East Java and Central Java.
C. TYPE Class: Aves (The Bird) Order: Galiformes Sub Order: Phasianoidae Family: Phasianidae Sub Family: Phasianinae Genus: Coturnix Species: Coturnix-coturnix Japonica

Eggs and meat has nutritional Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia  value and delicious taste
Its fur as various craft materials or other household items
Droppings as manure or good compost can be used as fertilizer for crops


Location away from the hustle and settlements
The location has a transport strategy, particularly sapronak lines and distribution channels
The selected location is free from disease outbreaks
Not a frequently flooded area
Is an area that always get good air circulation.
F. TECHNICAL GUIDELINES FOR RAISING 1. Preparation Facility and Equipment

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Preview Pane when using PDF files

Preview Pane when using PDF filesAnother feature that is not less interesting in Windows Explorer is using the " Favorites" . If you put in the Favorites folder , you can quickly access the folder . You can do the click and drag to the Favorites folder to put the .
Jump List
Windows 7 and Windows 8 has excellent features ,
Agen Judi Online the Jump List which allows you to put all your favorite folders directly on the taskbar . You can access the Jump List by right-clicking the Windows Explorer icon on the taskbar . To add a new folder in the Jump List , click and drag the folder and navigate to the taskbar .
Organizing the Desktop with Fence
Previously , Windowsku has given a tutorial on the Fence . Fence is an application that can manage all the shortcuts , files , and folders on the desktop . You can categorize the shortcut in accordance with the function of each program . If you have a lot of shortcuts on your desktop , Fence is useful for you . However , not too many shortcuts I recommend , because it would disturb .
Make sure , not too much shortcuts on your desktop . Pilahlah , where the shortcuts that you really need. If you have sorting , use the fence to set it up .
Compression of files and folders that are rarely or never used
Instead you delete a file that is not used , it would be better if you do the compression of the file . Who knows , you need it in the future . By doing compression , the file will remain on your computer , but little use of your disk space .
Once you compress files and folders , where do you put it ? It all depends on the type of files and folders that you compression . If that is a compressed image file , you can put it in the folder " My Picure " . Then , in the My Picture , you can add another new folder called " Old " or " Old Files " .
For compression software , I suggest using the software PeaZip . PeaZip is an Open Source software compression and you can use freely . You can download PeaZip below : It might seem a little corny Ngada on post title above , even perhaps many readers who do not percaya.Tapi not the case if the title of the post I made ​​because of personal experience not from the stories of others .
Starting from a passionate youth and emotions really overwhelming . Every person must have the desire , so do I want to feel your partner name " courtship " . Maybe a little funny if in fact the account was never going to feel when the first school years and maybe I'm also one of those who were not lucky in this regard , in addition to because I was too insecure with my appearance and aloof when my middle and high school first .
With increasing time , the desire to have a girlfriend getting bigger , so when I graduated from high school just got my first boyfriend that I could with difficulty by eliminating taste and flavor minderku shy away . However, the results are not as expectations , I dream of courtship which corn was not only during my struggle to get it because I own that makes all the mess . Long distance relationship is not so successful communication in addition to really do
Agen Bola Terpercaya not surf media now existing Mobile and I had away from home because of work outside the city .From there I learned many things from how to change the character of the quiet and solitude I become more bold and confident . And from there I learned how to understand other people not to mention that I can understand a woman from an E - Book about being a man 's dream woman by Ronald Frank .