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Soybean crop pests attacking generally many parts of the young plant stems , leaves and pods . Ham

Soybean crop pests attacking generally many parts of the young plant stems , leaves and pods . Ham main rice crop soybeans after gadu namely mice , armyworms and pod borer .
a. Pest control plants were still young .
Pests that attack that flies or flies bean seedlings . The flies lay their eggs on the seedlings or seeds keeping young leaves , hatch and moving the rod . The use of insecticide Larvin the seeds can suppress these pests , at a dose of 20 g / kg of seed .
b . Leaf pest control .
Pests leaf consists of various types of caterpillars , especially armyworms , aphis and white flies . Intensive observation with early prevention is needed. If it can not be overcome with prevention , it can be done by spraying Atabron 50 EC , 25 EC Matador , Bayrusil 250 EC at a dose of 2 cc / liter of water .
c . Pest control pod .
Pod borer pest consists of pods and pod sucking .
SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014 Control is carried out preventive spraying insecticide at one week after flowering , and repeated every two weeks if there is an attack , spraying stopped two weeks before harvest . Insecticides that can be used are : EC Trebon50 , Tamaron 200 LC and Lannate with a dose of 2 cc / liter of water .
d . Rat pest control
- Prior to planting soybeans , the harvest of rice , held intensive rat control movement in a way gropyokan and emposan .
- The neighborhood around the plant to be clean , to avoid nesting rats .
- Holds pengemposan and feeding rats continuously for soybean .
e . disease control
To control leaf rust and Sclerotium disease , can be used fungsidida , such as Dithane M - 45 with a dosage of 2 grams / liter of water . While the soybean plant diseases caused by bacteria and viruses are still difficult to control , so it should be done iradikasi ( plants attacked and burned revoked ) or eradicate insect is penularnya ( vector ) .
Characteristic plants are ready for harvesting soybean leaves and pods are yellowing . Harvest being done with stem membabad way above the ground with a sickle or other khusu tool . Berangkasan dried in the sun to dry , once dried beaten with a bat , to separate the seeds from berangkasannya . Then the beans are cleaned ( sifted ) , then dried in the sun until completely dried ( moisture content reaches about 10-12 % ) . Drying should use a pedestal , so that the seeds can be assured of cleanliness . In general, grain ( Ose ) soybeans for consumption after dry stored ( packaged ) in a sack , it is best to burlap sacks .There are few tillage purpose is so that the soil becomes loose , embedding plant debris , break up chunks of land , land leveling , and weed eradication .
Conditions of land to be planted :
1 . The Land moorTilth on the moor done by plowed , raked and leveled . Discarded remnants of weeds , and the implementation is done at the end of the dry season because at the start of the rainy season ahrus seeds planted soon .For the second planting soil should not be processed again . And do not forget to make a raised bed or kalenan - kalenan necessary .
2 . Surface slopesProcessing is done by means of terracing that erosion on the soil surface can be minimized .
3 . Rice fieldSoil treated with enough to make the rice straw to the soil surface , then straw removed . Make a hole with a drill on a plot with a width of 3 m - 10 m , length adapted to the soil conditions .Among the plot made ​​drainage channels 25-30 cm wide , with a depth of 30 cm , let stand for 7-10 days to cover the seeds that have been stocked or incorporated into the soil which ditugal .

Seed Selection
Good seed for cultivation of soybean seed is already quite old , intact , and shiny color . As much as 50-75 kg of seeds required for 1 ha , seed can be
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To get the maximum cultivation of the seed selection must also be qualified . The terms of seeds :

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