Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This experience Fatich H Achmad Marzuki before 2009

This experience Fatich H Achmad Marzuki before 2009. Breeders swallow in Gresik it have to be patient for 2 years hi fins guns in the home of his new swiftlet saliva plastered gold . But now after using the stamp nest , just 1-2 months to lure swiftlets nesting .Since a year ago Fatich is keen to use the stamp nest swiftlet house new and old swiftlet house less productive . " Seals are very effective lure swiftlets nest , " he said . The working principle is similar stamp stamp usual , but instead of ink but stamp liquid fluid from crushed swallow nest . The liquid was dissolved wear certain solvents is rather clear and viscous .Former shape stamp made ​​similar runs swallow nest is harvested Agen Judi Bolawith a length of 12 cm and a width of 5 cm . Furthermore seals bare wood and solid foam was stamped on the fins . Later Collocalia fuciphaga thought it would be a place that was once used as a nesting place his friends .According to observations of 66 -year-old man swallows tend to like the points previously used nesting swallows . " This is related to the security and comfort , " said Fatich . Stamp it as the next angler swallow nesting because when the population began to swallow a lot , by itself would invite another swallow - swallows come and form a stable colony .imitation nestFishing technology swallow the stamp is a new way . Earlier in the 1990s , has been widespread use of white nylon that is shaped like a nest . Imitation nest was attached to the fin and fluid sprayed decoy swallow . In this way a swallow nesting success was 90 % . Unfortunately when the technology is cost prohibitive and crops . One dozen nests imitation 60,000 - Rp 90,000 . Nest was thinner and less intact because they have dikeletek of nylon . When sold , the price of the nest as it is lower than normal hive .At the end of 1998 , Ade H Yamani , swiftlet breeders in Majalengka , never modify the way it is by using less expensive materials . The trick , he made ​​a nest box cardboard imitation of rice , thus , the cost of manufacture of 400 hive only Rp 20,000 .Cardboard with a nail attached to a fin . The carton nest was actually quite effective fishing swallow overnight . Proven by installing nest 400 imitation , 320 of which are occupied nest swiftlet . Unfortunately, the resulting nest intact so the price also fell . When the price of good quality nest - Rp15 million - 16-juta/kg , for example , simply appreciated carton nests of Rp 8 - million .By using the stamp , the percentage of swallows that nest nest relatively lower than imitation , which is about 60 % . It also applies to areas such as population waletnya still abundant outside Java . " In Java with the use of an average stamp effectiveness of about 30 % , " said Fatich . It is not separated from the conditions in Java swallow populations continue to decline .Look since the 2005 production of swiftlet nests in Java, especially in centers such as the north coast down to 80 % . So naturally if the effectiveness of the use of seals is relatively lower . In Java , according Fatich swallow the bait after 1-2 months . " Another farmer in the Cape Kelor , East Kalimantan , only takes 5-14 days to lure swiftlets to stamp , " he said .After all , the stamp has a lot of advantages . Besides being more economical , because 1 liter of fluid for Rp75.000 - including stamp - can print 1,000 cap , swallow nests are harvested also intact . Please understand , stamp just made ​​to give Agen Bola Indonesiathe impression that the place had been used swiftlet nest . Swiftlet captivated secrete fluids used for scents like swallow saliva . Problem intact beehives because the stamp is only used as a swallow's nest foundation .

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