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Model or type of enclosure are 3 ( three ) types , namely:

Model or type of enclosure are 3 ( three ) types , namely:

Pens for ducklings ( DOD ) on a Sabbath time can STATER also called pen box, with a size of 1 m 2 can accommodate 50 animals DOD
Pens Brower ( for duck teen ) model called Ren shed / barn group size 16-100 tail perkelompok
Screen cages ( for the duck eggs ) model can be shed dock ( one or two pieces in a box ) can also be shed location ( cluster ) per square meter size 4-5 adult ducks ( time to 30 eggs or adult ducks enclosure measuring 3 x 2 meters ) .

Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014Conditions enclosures should not be of material that is expensive but durable enough original medium ( strong ) . Further equipped with some equipment enclosures , such as dining , drinking and perelengkapan extras.
2 . BreedingLivestock should be preserved duck really is a superior animal that has tested his excellence in producing the desired result of cattle .
Selection of candidate seeds and the parentThere are three (3) how to make a good duck seedlings , which is as follows :

Buy hatching eggs from ducks holding secured steadiness
Preserving holding stud + female duck that is essential for hatching eggs and then place it on stuck, poultry or hatching machine
Buying DOD (Day Old Duck ) from already known quality breeding or who have obtained a recommendation from the Office of Local Production .
Also good DOD is not defective ( not pain ) with shiny yellow coat color .
Seed treatments and master candidates .
seed treatmentSeeds ( DOD ) who had just arrived from the nursery , should be technically addressed to no one to treat. Now the handling is as follows:Seedlings received and placed in brooder cages ( indukan ) which was prepared in advance . And the things that need to be observed in the temperature brooder brooder is undertaken which ducklings spread evenly capacity brooder cage (box) for 1 m² can accommodate 50 animals DOD, a place of feed and drinking places according to the requirements phase are the type of feed ducks STATER . Add VITERNA to drink water to provide energy on seed ducks and prevent stress that can result in high seedling mortality duck .  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik TerpercayaMaster candidate CareCandidates holding ducks are of two kinds namely the parent for egg consumption and holding for production of hatching eggs . Both treatments the same, the difference is only in the parent for the production of hatching eggs should be stud with a ratio of 1 male to 5-6 females .

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This experience Fatich H Achmad Marzuki before 2009

This experience Fatich H Achmad Marzuki before 2009. Breeders swallow in Gresik it have to be patient for 2 years hi fins guns in the home of his new swiftlet saliva plastered gold . But now after using the stamp nest , just 1-2 months to lure swiftlets nesting .Since a year ago Fatich is keen to use the stamp nest swiftlet house new and old swiftlet house less productive . " Seals are very effective lure swiftlets nest , " he said . The working principle is similar stamp stamp usual , but instead of ink but stamp liquid fluid from crushed swallow nest . The liquid was dissolved wear certain solvents is rather clear and viscous .Former shape stamp made ​​similar runs swallow nest is harvested Agen Judi Bolawith a length of 12 cm and a width of 5 cm . Furthermore seals bare wood and solid foam was stamped on the fins . Later Collocalia fuciphaga thought it would be a place that was once used as a nesting place his friends .According to observations of 66 -year-old man swallows tend to like the points previously used nesting swallows . " This is related to the security and comfort , " said Fatich . Stamp it as the next angler swallow nesting because when the population began to swallow a lot , by itself would invite another swallow - swallows come and form a stable colony .imitation nestFishing technology swallow the stamp is a new way . Earlier in the 1990s , has been widespread use of white nylon that is shaped like a nest . Imitation nest was attached to the fin and fluid sprayed decoy swallow . In this way a swallow nesting success was 90 % . Unfortunately when the technology is cost prohibitive and crops . One dozen nests imitation 60,000 - Rp 90,000 . Nest was thinner and less intact because they have dikeletek of nylon . When sold , the price of the nest as it is lower than normal hive .At the end of 1998 , Ade H Yamani , swiftlet breeders in Majalengka , never modify the way it is by using less expensive materials . The trick , he made ​​a nest box cardboard imitation of rice , thus , the cost of manufacture of 400 hive only Rp 20,000 .Cardboard with a nail attached to a fin . The carton nest was actually quite effective fishing swallow overnight . Proven by installing nest 400 imitation , 320 of which are occupied nest swiftlet . Unfortunately, the resulting nest intact so the price also fell . When the price of good quality nest - Rp15 million - 16-juta/kg , for example , simply appreciated carton nests of Rp 8 - million .By using the stamp , the percentage of swallows that nest nest relatively lower than imitation , which is about 60 % . It also applies to areas such as population waletnya still abundant outside Java . " In Java with the use of an average stamp effectiveness of about 30 % , " said Fatich . It is not separated from the conditions in Java swallow populations continue to decline .Look since the 2005 production of swiftlet nests in Java, especially in centers such as the north coast down to 80 % . So naturally if the effectiveness of the use of seals is relatively lower . In Java , according Fatich swallow the bait after 1-2 months . " Another farmer in the Cape Kelor , East Kalimantan , only takes 5-14 days to lure swiftlets to stamp , " he said .After all , the stamp has a lot of advantages . Besides being more economical , because 1 liter of fluid for Rp75.000 - including stamp - can print 1,000 cap , swallow nests are harvested also intact . Please understand , stamp just made ​​to give Agen Bola Indonesiathe impression that the place had been used swiftlet nest . Swiftlet captivated secrete fluids used for scents like swallow saliva . Problem intact beehives because the stamp is only used as a swallow's nest foundation .

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leaf spot disease ( Leaf Bligh ) .

leaf spot disease ( Leaf Bligh ) .Cause : The fungus Helminthosporium turcicum . Symptoms on leaves appear elongated and irregular patches of yellow and brown color surrounded , spotting develoJasa Pembuatan Makalahps and extends from the leaf tip to the leaf base , the original patches were wet , then change color to yellowish brown , then changed to dark brown . Finally, the entire surface of the leaves turn brown . Control : ( 1 ) crop rotation in order to reduce the spread of the fungus ; ( 2 ) mechanically by adjusting the soil moisture so that the land is not humid conditions ; ( 3 ) with chemical fungicides .
c ) Rust disease ( Rust ) ;Cause : The fungus Puccinia sorghi Schw and Puccinia polypora Underw . Symptoms : the mature plant is the leaves that are old are dotted brownish red stains like rust and there is a brownish yellow powder , powder fungus then develops and extends , eventually rust can turn into a variety of shapes . Control : ( 1 ) regulate the moisture in planting areas ; ( 2 ) planting resistant varieties ; ( 3 ) perform sanitation ( 4 ) use of chemical pesticides such as downy mildew and leaf spot .d ) Disease -footed swelling ( Corn Smut / boil Smut ) ;Cause : The fungus Ustilago maydis ( DC ) Cda , Ustilago zeae ( Schw ) Ung , Uredo zeae Schw , Uredo maydis DC . Symptoms : on the cob is marked by the entry of the fungus into the seed resulting in swelling and release gland ( gall ) , this causes swelling pressed up wrapping and packing gland broken out of the wrapper and spread spores . Control : ( 1 ) regulate moisture corn planting area by means of drying and irrigation ; ( 2 ) cut the plant and then burned ; ( 3 ) seeds to be planted evenly mixed with fungicides .e ) cob rot disease and rotten seed ;Cause : The fungus Fusarium or Gibberella zeae Gibberella include ( Schw ) , Gibberella fujikuroi ( Schw ) , Gibberella moniliforme . Symptoms can be seen after opening the wrapper cob , corn seeds , pink or brownish red then turns into a tan brown color . Co
Jual Website Murah ntrol : ( 1 ) corn planting improved varieties, cropping rotation is done , adjust spacing , seed treatment ; ( 2 ) spraying with a fungicide after symptom onset was found .7 . HARVEST

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Soybean crop pests attacking generally many parts of the young plant stems , leaves and pods . Ham

Soybean crop pests attacking generally many parts of the young plant stems , leaves and pods . Ham main rice crop soybeans after gadu namely mice , armyworms and pod borer .
a. Pest control plants were still young .
Pests that attack that flies or flies bean seedlings . The flies lay their eggs on the seedlings or seeds keeping young leaves , hatch and moving the rod . The use of insecticide Larvin the seeds can suppress these pests , at a dose of 20 g / kg of seed .
b . Leaf pest control .
Pests leaf consists of various types of caterpillars , especially armyworms , aphis and white flies . Intensive observation with early prevention is needed. If it can not be overcome with prevention , it can be done by spraying Atabron 50 EC , 25 EC Matador , Bayrusil 250 EC at a dose of 2 cc / liter of water .
c . Pest control pod .
Pod borer pest consists of pods and pod sucking .
SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014 Control is carried out preventive spraying insecticide at one week after flowering , and repeated every two weeks if there is an attack , spraying stopped two weeks before harvest . Insecticides that can be used are : EC Trebon50 , Tamaron 200 LC and Lannate with a dose of 2 cc / liter of water .
d . Rat pest control
- Prior to planting soybeans , the harvest of rice , held intensive rat control movement in a way gropyokan and emposan .
- The neighborhood around the plant to be clean , to avoid nesting rats .
- Holds pengemposan and feeding rats continuously for soybean .
e . disease control
To control leaf rust and Sclerotium disease , can be used fungsidida , such as Dithane M - 45 with a dosage of 2 grams / liter of water . While the soybean plant diseases caused by bacteria and viruses are still difficult to control , so it should be done iradikasi ( plants attacked and burned revoked ) or eradicate insect is penularnya ( vector ) .
Characteristic plants are ready for harvesting soybean leaves and pods are yellowing . Harvest being done with stem membabad way above the ground with a sickle or other khusu tool . Berangkasan dried in the sun to dry , once dried beaten with a bat , to separate the seeds from berangkasannya . Then the beans are cleaned ( sifted ) , then dried in the sun until completely dried ( moisture content reaches about 10-12 % ) . Drying should use a pedestal , so that the seeds can be assured of cleanliness . In general, grain ( Ose ) soybeans for consumption after dry stored ( packaged ) in a sack , it is best to burlap sacks .There are few tillage purpose is so that the soil becomes loose , embedding plant debris , break up chunks of land , land leveling , and weed eradication .
Conditions of land to be planted :
1 . The Land moorTilth on the moor done by plowed , raked and leveled . Discarded remnants of weeds , and the implementation is done at the end of the dry season because at the start of the rainy season ahrus seeds planted soon .For the second planting soil should not be processed again . And do not forget to make a raised bed or kalenan - kalenan necessary .
2 . Surface slopesProcessing is done by means of terracing that erosion on the soil surface can be minimized .
3 . Rice fieldSoil treated with enough to make the rice straw to the soil surface , then straw removed . Make a hole with a drill on a plot with a width of 3 m - 10 m , length adapted to the soil conditions .Among the plot made ​​drainage channels 25-30 cm wide , with a depth of 30 cm , let stand for 7-10 days to cover the seeds that have been stocked or incorporated into the soil which ditugal .

Seed Selection
Good seed for cultivation of soybean seed is already quite old , intact , and shiny color . As much as 50-75 kg of seeds required for 1 ha , seed can be
NAGALAUT.COM Agen Judi Bola Online Piala Dunia 2014, SBOBET, IBCBET Terbaik dan Terpercaya di Indonesia obtained from stores that provide seeds or seedlings agricultural premises itself .
To get the maximum cultivation of the seed selection must also be qualified . The terms of seeds :