Friday, June 13, 2014

Media Processing Plant

Media Processing Plant1) PreparationLand to be planted gladiolus need in measuring the pH of the soil. When in accordance with the required soil pH, did extensive measurements of land to be planted. Later analysis of the type of soil, what if the land had previously been planted gladiolus should be allowed to stand ground at least for one year.
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2) Land OpeningLand that has been analyzed, measured and cleaned of weeds, rocks, and other wild plants, then plow and hoe until crumbly. Cultivation should be done 2 weeks before planting.
3) Establishment of BedsWhen harvesting flowers done at any time, the land use should be made several plots. Pemetakan land which are intended to be arranged for the land to be cultivated, planted, and harvested. In each plot was made ditch (water channel), so that good drainage and plants can thrive. Subsequent land fertilized soil base that is nothing short of haranya element. Arel wide plot made according to the needs, If the market needs as many as 1,000 stems every two weeks, then the required land area of ​​600 m2. Made into 7 plots of land with an area of ​​72 m2 each plot.
4) LimingLiming is done on land that has a degree of soil acidity (pH) is less than 5.5.

Taruhan Bola Online5) FertilizationDo basic fertilizer at planting time. Fertilizers applied is that an element of N, K, Ca and P, were given the recommended dosage.
Planting Techniques1) Determination of Planting PatternPlant gladiolus can be planted with or without mounds mound system. If irrigation using LEB way, then planting preferably with ridges that irrigation water does not damage the soil structure. A few things to note in the way of planting is the place and time of planting and plant spacing and depth. Place planting gladiolus should be exposed to direct sunlight. Translucent plastic roof and clean used to avoid damage due to rain. Planting schedule tailored to the needs ranged from 60-80 days, depending on the age of the plant because kultivarnya.
2) Hole Making PlantCreated by digging a planting hole as deep as 10-15 cm soil, to earrings diameter = 2.5 cm.
3) How PlantingCorms planted after the dormancy period of about 3.5 months. How to planting the mound, which is adjusted to the depth of planting gladiolus corms. When the depth of 10-15 cm, the height of the mounds created = 15 cm with the assumption that the topsoil will gradually decrease. When done without the mounds of plants often fall flower stalks
Agen Judi Bola bent or causes a decline in the quality of flowers. Noteworthy plant density for determining the robustness of plant and flower quality. If the number of plants per square meter too much, then the plants will be weak and long. The smaller the diameter of corms planting density increases.

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