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At first most beginners

At first most beginners try to buy and maintain a canary to listen to the voice booms diverse. In addition, walnuts are a variety of colors - can be a kind of tonic and stress reliever for people who maintain it. AfteSARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAr understanding the chirp and color chestnut color, over time will come to an idea to raise canaries. "What would happen if a walnut color is mated with this?". Surely it would be a mystery and makes us curious. So do not be surprised if there are a lot of people are trying to livestock walnuts and become the canary breeder. After a successful livestock walnut, we can sell our cultured walnut, but the core of a good walnut stock is a research and pilot projects interbreed walnuts. Whether it's for a hobby and canaries canary contest.

The many types of walnut that has been known today is the result of a walnut cattle ranchers / breeders crossed many variants daring canary. Thus the more days there will be more new and emerging types of walnuts. Tempting indeed, but it is not as easy as canary breeding what we think. Many ways and each breeder must have distinctive characteristics in the cultivation of their canaries. In this session, I will discuss about what to consider and how livestock walnuts commonly used as a learning and you can develop yourself to your liking.
Age is one of the important points that must be considered if we are to successfully raise walnuts. We recommend that the ideal age walnut ready cattle is not too young and not too old. Canaries ready cattle are usually at least 6 months old for females walnuts and walnut 8 months of age for males. But for a big man like walnuts Walnuts Yorkshire, the minimum age is 1 year. Because the longer term towards Yorkshire lust.
Walnuts can Differentiating Male and Female
As a farmer / breeder canary, had an absolute obligation to know and master how to distinguish male and female canaries. Not difficult to distinguish the sex of walnuts for senior farmers. They must have memorized after a short look at your posture canary. For those beginners who want to know how, read the previous article on how to distinguish male and female canaries.
Raising The Means And Walnuts
Canary breeding is not sesimple we think. Few of us forget about the little things, then we will be disappointed if it does not succeed in the cultivation of walnuts. Trivial example is the position of the cattle pens walnuts. Why cattle sheds environment and means that important? Because if we put one in the canary cage, then a lot of animal predators that would prey on our walnuts. Good placement of the cage is a cage or enclosure walnuts on the wall, left and right side cage closed. And place the cage in a place free from insects or other animals such as mice, lizards and other predators.

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Cultivation and Livestock Walnuts Easy Easy Difficult

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