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the high carbohydrate and low nitrate levels, the plant will

the high carbohydrate and low nitrate levels, the plant will grow stunted and the fruit slightly. But if the carbohydrate medium and high nitrate levels, the plants will grow lekeng medium and can be fruitful. If low carbohydrate and high nitrate levels usually leavesBetklik99 Agen Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014 can grow dense but not flowering and fruiting. Such longan plants need to be trimmed regularly to be moderate carbohydrate and nitrate levels increasing due to the absorption of fertilizer nitrogen (N) from the soil by the roots. Thus can longan flowering plants bushy and bear much fruit. Cutting the roots, stems and reduced leaves pengeratan Some of the ways in which growers and Overlapping Klengkeng in Jabung to stimulate flowering plants that are not flowering, are: (1) Cutting the roots, to reduce food absorption solution especially N from the soil; (2) Pengeratan (ringing) in the branches, to inhibit the transport (translocation) of carbohydrates; and (3) Trimming the leaves to prevent the accumulation of carbohydrates (Afandie, 1993). Pest and Disease Control (A). Trusuk. This insect the size of a black ant, the color brown and wingless. This pest attacks the stems, especially the trunk, which is a way to make a hole and get into it. If huge numbers, longan trees were attacked course there is a hole that much anyway. Longan pests trusuk show changes in the color of leaves, the original green color and eventually becomes kunig rantok. With the collapse of the leaves, the branches become dry and cause death. Trusuk pest control can be done by spraying insecticide on a rod that has been attacked by these pests. But it would be better done early prevention kalua before attacked, by spraying insecticide on the trunks of longan healthy plants, especially the trunk (Afandie, 1993). Longan fruit is one frSARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA uit that is loved by all the people, both children children and adults. Very sweet fruit is proved to have the opportunity to be utilized as a profitable investment opportunities. With a land which you have you can develop longan plants for future investment. Longan Itoh begin to bear fruit at the age of 2.5-3 years after transplanting. There are many types that you can longan cultivated. However, from a source that we get itoh longan has the advantage of a higher commercial value than other types.
Litchi crop comes from Sri Lanka, India, Burma and China. The types of wild kelenkeng are found in East Kalimantan degan book name, Ihaw, medaru, latrines or cat's eye. This plant is similar to lychees are grown in the highlands. In Indonesia, longan contained in Waterford, Magelang, sedangakn lychee in there in Bali.

Litchi (Nephelium longanum) including Sapidaceaae family. Longan originated from China (subtropical region), somewhat deviated from his own relatives, which rambutan, and lychee kapulasan. The tree can be large and highly branched, lush leaves, and still produce over 100 years.

Longan trees require special care such as scraping the outer skin stem, trimming and pemberongsongan. Longan good usually produce good fruit after 6-8 years old. At the time of harvest when the tree has aged 10 years, fruit production is not less than 50kg/pohon.

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